Dog Kennels With Runs

Handmade by UK Kennels since 2004

We have designed a range of wooden dog kennels with runs to suit the needs of our customers.  If you are looking for a temporary shelter or a more permanent set up we have the kennel for you.  Our kennels have been used by dog handlers, the police force, the army, prisons and the general public.

We use a delivery network that covers the whole of the UK and many parts of Europe.  By using one of the UKs largest delivery networks, you benefit from not having to wait for another delivery in your area.  If you need delivery to Europe, email or call us for a quote.

If you need any advise or information about our products, call our friendly customer sales on 01797 229444.

Looking for a kennel for more than one dog then view our Wilton double dog kennel and run range.

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Showing all 11 results