Double Dog Kennels And Runs

Handmade by UK Kennels since 2004

Here at UK Kennels we  have designed a range of double dog kennels and runs to suit every need.  There is the option to create a shared run or have a divider to separate the run and keep your pets apart.  We can also manufacture the divider with a door so that the run area can be shared, but doesn’t come as standard.

Another option is to  manufacture with one side as a storage shed,  ideal for keeping garden tools and lawnmowers in.

The prices include delivery to mainland England and Wales.  For delivery to Scotland please see our delivery page.  European destinations are also possible with our delivery network.

It is also possible to alter dimensions to fit into a space or a base that you already have.

If you need any information about our double dog kennels and runs email or call us on 01797 229444.

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Showing all 2 results