rabbit hutches, Rabbit Hutches, UK Kennels Ltd

Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit Hutches.

A rabbit hutch is essential to providing your pet with a safe and secure home.  There are endless sizes and styles available online from many companies.  One of the most popular is the Chartwell range supplied by the Hutch Company.  Unlike other companies they produce a range of large rabbit hutches. Essential to giving your pet rabbit plenty of space to run about in.

Wilton Rabbit Hutch and Run

We bring you our very popular range of large rabbit hutch and run.  Essential to your small pets getting plenty of exercise. The Wilton range comes in many sizes.   With an option to add internal hutch or even a solid base frame.

rabbit hutches, Rabbit Hutches, UK Kennels Ltd

Rabbit Runs

If you’re keeping a pet rabbit outside in the garden, you will most likely need a run for your pet.  This will give them plenty of exercise.  Therefore keeping them healthy and happy.  An outdoor run can be a fixed structure.  Whereas a collapsible run can be easily stored when not on use.

rabbit hutches, Rabbit Hutches, UK Kennels Ltd


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